Zero dependency package.json scripts

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Import options

Use the default export as a base for global styles.

import { createGlobalStyle } from 'styled-components';
import typography from '@styles/typography'; // replace path

const GlobalStyle = createGlobalStyle`
import styled from 'styled-components';
import { h3, p } from '@styles/typography'; // replace path

const Card = styled.div`
.title {

.info {

Structure and modifying

baseFontSize is inversely related to the typographic scale. …

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Add the following lines to the file where you keep your aliases:

alias cp="cp -iv"
alias mv="mv -iv"
alias rm="rm -iv"

The Options

The option flags we will be using are very comparable between commands cp, mv, and rm.

Configuration options

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Default behavior is to overwrite the existing history file upon shell exit. The following are all methods of appending rather than rewriting the file — taking advantage of that potentially massive history size we set up in part one.


Configuration setup

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Zsh config files

If you are unfamiliar with the types of zsh configuration files and their uses, I recommend looking through this article in a great…

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